Vancouver Community College

Located in the heart of urban Vancouver, Vancouver Community College welcomes more than 17,000 students annually. VCC is committed to delivering innovative instruction in developmental education, adult basic education, English language programs, special education, vocational, career, technical, academic, and continuing education programs. The various levels of certification include diplomas, certificates, degrees and apprenticeships. The College champions a learning environment that maximizes the educational experience by continually improving its resources, technology and facilities. VCC brings together people from many backgrounds and cultures. The majority of VCC students are newcomers to Canada and its programs are designed to ensure the effective labour market integration of this demographic. The college’s strong ties to the Downtown and East Vancouver neighborhoods are evident in many diverse partnerships, while its direct connections to industry enhance the relevancy of its programs, and the future success of its graduates. The college is a member of the Coastal Corridor Consortium, which works to improve levels of participation and success for Aboriginal students. VCC’s Aboriginal Education and Services give priority registration opportunities to Aboriginal students who meet the necessary requirements. VCC has a unique student profile compared to other peer institutions: the average age of VCC’s students is 32 and 72% are women. The students come from more than 40 countries and speak more than 30 different languages.

Fast Facts

  • 97% of recent graduates satisfied/very satisfied with their education
  • 93% of graduates from diploma, certificate, and associate degree programs are employed on graduation
  • 17,000 students annually
  • Approximately 300 International students
  • More than 1000 employees



Date modified: 2016-10-27