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Dumont Technical Institute

Dumont Technical Institute (DTI) is a unique institution which was established in 1991. As a world class Indigenous post secondary institution, DTI serves the educational and skills training needs of the province’s Métis through the provision of community-based adult upgrading and skills training programs. It is the upgrading and skills training arm of Gabriel Dumont Institute (GDI), and GDI’s largest component. DTI strives to provide quality educational opportunities for Métis people in Saskatchewan and ensure our programs meet the needs of our learners and the labour market.

Fast Facts

  • Strives to help build brighter futures for our people and communities and follows a philosophy of “Learners Come First.”
  • Is proud of the partnerships and direct links to employers that enable our learners to obtain practicum positions as well as employment upon graduation.
  • In 2014-2015, DTI served thirteen communities across Saskatchewan. -Green Lake -Nipawin -Île-à-la-Crosse -Pinehouse Lake -Jans Bay -Prince Albert -La Loche -Regina -Lloydminster -Saskatoon -Meadow Lake -Yorkton -Moose Jaw.
  • Has been offering the Practical Nursing Program since 1999. To date DTI has graduated 241 Practical nurses, and is the second largest Practical Nursing provider in Saskatchewan.
  • In the 2014-2015 year, DTI had an enrolment of 737 students (410 Adult Basic Education, 106, Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, Corrections and Policing, and 221 Skills Training.

Our programs include:




  • 482

    Total number of students
  • 469


This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

Dumont Technical Institute is responsive to community need. The Institute takes a relationship building approach to ensure that we have strong connections with the communities and affiliates of the Métis Nation. DTI strives to meet the specific needs of communities and allows students to remain in their home communities while completing their studies. The Dumont Technical Institute and Gabriel Dumont Institute Training & Employment work in cooperation with the Métis communities to determine training needs and priorities. Over the past two years, about two out of three GDI Training & Employment clients specialized in areas that fall under three National Occupational Classification (NOC) occupations: Trades, Transport and Equipment Operation (24%); Social Science, Education, Government and Religion (22.7%); and Health (20.3%). According to the training needs assessment of 12 Métis Nation-Saskatchewan regions conducted by DTI in collaboration with GDI T&E, these are common priority areas across the regions.

Foster Student Success

Kevin Werchola

Kevin Werchola had heard about Gabriel Dumont Institute through friends and family. After being laid off from his position with the Petroleum Institute, Kevin did what he had to do – revisit training options. Kevin chose the 6 week Introduction to Scaffolding Program offered at Dumont Technical Institute.

The Introduction to Scaffolding Program was the first time that DTI had partnered with Prairie Arctic Trades Training Centre to deliver a program. Part of the training allows the students to spend a day in industry with a contractor to get a real feel for the course. Kevin and a few of his classmates spent their day with the Breck City crew. All reports back to PATCC were positive. During their fifth week, there was another group of students attending a week of training for workers already in the industry. Unbeknownst to the DTI students, one of these attendees was a site supervisor who was looking to hire for the upcoming season. Kevin’s work ethic and positive attitude was noticed by this person. Kevin was offered a position with Breck Scaffold Solutions at the end of the week.

Daniel Downs, Program Coordinator describes Kevin, “Kevin embodies a never give up attitude. His strong work ethic, dedication to safety, and dedication to his classmates success was noticed early by an employer. He was offered a paid position during program time, allowing him to complete his program while being paid. This goes to show you that hard work and perseverance do pay off.”

Robert McCarthy

Robert McCarthy began Dumont Technical Institute’s Practical Nursing Program in Saskatoon in 2013.

Despite some major obstacles being handed to him in his first year of the Practical Nursing Program, Robert’s determination and high expectations ensured his success. Robert did not initially obtain funding when he entered the program, which resulted in some financial struggle. Robert added to the already heavy workload of being a practical nursing student by continuing to work as a Continuing Care Assistant to support his family. Robert also endured surgery due to some health challenges in his first year of studies.

Robert was the only male student in his class, and his instructor noted, “he had very good marks throughout and I really appreciate the fact that he provided a great balance to the classroom and remained focused despite the other stressors he was dealing with”.

Robert successfully completed the Practical Nursing Program, and has been hired to begin his career on the Neurology Unit at the Royal University Hospital.

Lacey Hegland

Lacey Hegland came to Dumont Technical Institute in 2013 and began her Level 3 education in the Saskatoon Adult Basic Education Program and is now completing her Level 4.

“From her first day as a student, Lacey showed her determination to be a successful student. She demonstrated this consistently during her two years with us by attending school regularly, engaging with learning, and achieving competitive marks” explained Lacey’s instructor Danette Senterre.

Lacey has a very young, growing family of four children. Despite the challenge of having young children, and maintaining a home, Lacey maintains exceptional attendance, and work ethic.

Program Coordinator, Tracy LaPrise, says, “Lacey is the ideal student. She tackles every challenge and strives for the best. Lacey steps up to lead her fellow students by doing things such as organizing their Grade 12 graduation. Lacey sets the goal and not only achieves it, but excels at everything she sets her mind to.”

Lacey chose DTI as her educational provider because of the “friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere that allows for a smooth transition for all looking to better their education. DTI is family!”

Partner with Business and Community


DTI offered a Scaffolding Pre-Employment program that was funded through the Aboriginal Apprenticeship Initiative (Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission) with the support of GDI Training and Employment and Prairie Arctic Trades Training Centre. The program aims to prepare individuals with careers in the trades, through a theory and hands-on approach to learning. Students were provided with the foundational skills necessary for entry into the trades with a specialty in the field of scaffolding. Alongside their training, students took part in community-based work programs, including erecting scaffolding on actual job sites within Saskatoon. Students in the Scaffolding Pre-Employment Program are taught to consider every avenue in making safe jobsite decisions, being aware of their surroundings, and always remembering that what they are doing is preventing hazards and eliminating dangers for all workers. What makes this program unique is the versatility required by students in the design of their scaffolding systems.


The Friendship Centres across Saskatchewan serve as a gathering place which provide supports and services for the Métis and First Nations people. The Yorkton Friendship Centre is an essential and highly utilized part of the community. In 2014-15, Yorkton Friendship Centre received funds through the National Association of Friendship Centres and Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan Urban Partnerships Program, and approached DTI to offer a Construction Worker Preparation Program. DTI Program Coordinator, Tracy LaPrise, describes the partnership; “The Friendship Centre has been great to work with. They are located in a place that draws in a lot of community members… Partnering with the Yorkton Friendship Centre has helped DTI create more of a presence in the community and enabled more Aboriginal students to now be a part of the workforce.”

Support Indigenous Students

Dumont Technical Institute is a Métis specific post secondary institute that is designed to develop, support, and educate the Métis community to provide direct links to employment and help build brighter futures for our community and people. DTI is inherently linked to the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth by having a specific focus on training an under-represented group of people in our province, the Métis, and providing opportunities to help support the skill development of our people. This provides our community with the proper education to help fill the needed skilled workforce in Saskatchewan.

Date modified: 2021-09-09