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Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT)

Established in 1976, the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) is one of the four Saskatchewan educational institutions with credit granting authority.

SIIT offers certificate and diploma programs in the trades and industrial areas, business, information technology, health and community studies, and adult basic education to more than 2,400 students annually. Programming is delivered through three principal campuses in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert, plus eight Career Centres and a number of learning centres located throughout the province. SIIT also operates the Saskatchewan Aviation Learning Centre at the Saskatoon airport.

Governed by First Nations leaders and representatives from across the province, SIIT strives to be the institute of choice for Aboriginal individuals. SIIT is building strong relationships and partnerships with a growing range of industry leaders, professional associations, and academic institutions.

Fast Facts

  • SIIT is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2016
  • Some 93% of SIIT students are Aboriginal (First Nations, Métis or Non-Status)
  • Two of every three students are over the age of 25; one in three has dependents
  • Some 75% of SIIT learners complete their programs or continue their education
  • Since 2010, SIIT students have represented 175 First Nations from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Newfoundland-Labrador and the Northwest Territories

Our programs include:

  • Trades and Industrial
  • Business and Technology
  • Health and Community Studies
  • Adult Basic Education (ABE)
  • Pre-employment skills training through SIIT Career Centres




  • 2415

  • 313

  • 2246


This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

SIIT strives to serve First Nations communities throughout the province by offering a broad scope of education and training opportunities in diverse and accessible locations. We believe we have a critical role to play in providing First Nations learners with the tools and skills they need to become fully engaged in the provincial economy, becoming role models and leaders as they contribute to their communities, the province, and the nation. In addition to our three urban campuses and associated training facilities in Saskatoon, Regina, and Prince Albert, the Institute provides programs through eight Career and Work Preparation Centres and learning centres located across the province. Programs are offered in individual First Nations communities as demand and resources permit. SIIT also reaches out to communities through the provincial Job Connections Program, visiting First Nations communities to help potential students assess their strengths and interests, matching careers and individuals.

Foster Student Success

SIIT systematically supports student success from first contact to first job. Every potential student receives dedicated one-on-one support from Access Services staff who answer all their questions and provide guidance in program selection. In addition to academic questions, advisors can help learners find financial assistance and locate support services such as housing and child care. Once accepted into a program, Success Services provides individualized academic and personal support. First Nations culture and values are also an important factor in fostering student success. As students complete their programs, Success Services helps students to find employment or continue their education. The goal is to create a personal connection that will support each student from first contact to graduation and finding employment.

Partner with Business and Community


Building business and industry partnerships is one of the three core elements of SIIT’s five-year strategic plan. The formal partnerships and strong working relationships we continually strive to build and maintain have allowed us to develop training programs specifically targeted to industry needs, providing our partners with work-ready employees and our graduates with excellent employment opportunities. Business leaders also see the meaningful economic engagement of First Nations men and women as a crucial factor in overall economic growth. This has prompted a number of corporate leaders to make substantial investments in SIIT infrastructure, as well as in specific training initiatives. SIIT currently enjoys strong, productive, and innovative relationships with a broad range of leaders in business and industry, including PotashCorp, Boeing, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin, Enbridge, SaskPower, and SaskTel. The Institute continues to pursue the win-win situations that derive from strong, mutually-beneficial business and industry partnerships.

Support Indigenous Students

As a First Nations institution with a student body that is more than 90% Aboriginal, support of Indigenous students is woven into the fabric of SIIT. Support begins with our comprehensive Learning Services department which develops one-to-one relationships to help students overcome academic or personal challenges by finding internal and community supports, personal counselling, and Elder support. First Nations culture and values are an integral part of the academic and social environment throughout the Institute. Students typically have a strong sense of ownership of their institution and take a leading role in organizing cultural activities such as feasts and celebrations that help to enhance that sense of familiarity and engagement. Student involvement in both internal and external cultural activities is encouraged and supported. SIIT continually strives to provide and environment where First Nations learners will feel comfortable, secure, respected, and valued.

Date modified: 2016-10-26