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North West College

North West College is one of seven regional colleges in Saskatchewan that, through a provincial government act, are responsible for delivering adult educational opportunities within a rural catchment area. As such, North West has on average 24 rural programming sites supported by two main campuses located in Meadow Lake and North Battleford. North West’s catchment area is 44,000 km2 in northwestern Saskatchewan which includes almost 1/3 of Saskatchewan’s First Nations. The College is invited to deliver programming at 10-12 First Nations each year. Programs offered by North West include Master’s and Bachelor’s programs, skills training, industry training, Adult Basic Education Level 3 and Level 4, literacy, English as an Additional Language and safety tickets. The College serves about 2600 students each year and boasts an Indigenous Participation Rate of 50-60%. North West College strives to ensure all students have the opportunity to engage with the workforce before graduation either through a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) project or formal work placement.

Fast Facts

  • North West offers programming in 24 communities spread over an area of 44,000 km2. That is approximately the same area as Switzerland!
  • In 2019/20 North West launched the Forest to Fork Program – a land-based food sovereignty program which draws on accrediting courses and local Indigenous traditions.
  • In 2014-15 North West has 87 Adult 12 graduates.




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This is how we...

Contribute to our Community

North West College is a highly active public service organization with several student and employee groups fundraising and supporting charities throughout our region. North West also provides career support free of charge for all community members and tailors responsive programming to meet the changing economic needs of our communities. With about 100 Full Time Equivalent employees, North West is a major employer in our region and is committed to investing in staff retention and satisfaction. With an overall budget of $12.9M, North West contributes approximately $49.0M to the regional GDP and sustains 383 jobs annually.

Foster Student Success

Jessica Heystek

Jessica Heystek, Practical Nursing, Class of 2014. “I was born and raised in North Battleford and I always wanted to stay in Battleford and I didn’t want to have to leave to go for university. So this program gave me an excellent opportunity to stay within the Battlefords and also attend the post-secondary program.” “One of the big things that I really loved about the College is that they actually had a whole lab set-up for us so whenever it came time to practice our nursing skills, we actually went into a real life hospital setting and we had access to all the materials and equipment that we can dream of.” “If anyone asked me if they should attend the Practical Nursing program at North West College, I would say go for it and be prepared to change your life.”

Roger Roy

Roger Roy, GED and University, Alumni of 1989. Works at Correctional Service of Canada. “[I took] GED and I applied for university and I was accepted in university. I was terrified. But those fears are something that a person can overcome. And the best way to overcome them is to walk through them… and lots of help and counselling from North West College.” “I started in 1989 and 1995, I convocated from the U of R with a degree in Social Work. And than I thought I was too old to get a job because I was 45, a single parent with three kids and I started working for the province. That really encouraged me that I still had marketable skills and I had applied with the federal government in the correctional field. And now I’m just coming to the end of a 20 year career.”

Lisa Lavigne

Lisa Lavigne, Hairstylist, Class of 2008. Owner and Operator of Platinum Salon and Spa. “I wanted to do something different. I wanted to have a salon and spa in North Battleford that was completely different from what the city has ever seen. It’s a fantastic program. You learn everything that you need to know. Plus more because you learn aesthetics as well as hair to prepare you to work in a salon. A lot of the skills that I was taught in school obviously has come in very useful. Being professional, how to talk to clients, things like that. You learn so many more skills than you would at some of the other hair schools.” “The College has given me the experience and confidence needed to build a corporation from the ground up.”

Support Indigenous Students

North West College leads the province of Saskatchewan in Indigenous participation and success. With over 50% of our students self-identifying as First Nations, Métis or Inuit, business as usual is viewing programs and services from an Indigenous worldview. North West understands the intrinsic value of staying close to home to study near family and community supports. In order to foster Indigenous student success, the programming is brought to students in community and in a format that meets their needs. We are proud to say that the average North West College student is a 27-year-old Indigenous, single mother with 1-2 children.

Date modified: 2020-01-28