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3D Configuration Helps Sell Products

Real-time rendering on the web is still a relatively new technology. But it holds great potential for helping customers visualize products they are planning to... Read more

A cool new way (literally!) to make ethanol

Biofuels, processed from agricultural waste and other living matter, have long been seen as a key element in providing cleaner energy and fighting global warming.... Read more

Aging in Place with Online Help

Helping seniors stay flexible and mobile is critical to their ability to live independently. A small Ontario company has been working with Sheridan College to... Read more

Enhancing Sales Efficiency with Mobile Computing

Sales representatives in many companies rely on simple note-taking and observation in the field. However, advances in mobile computing and highspeed networks provide significant opportunities... Read more

Harnessing Fun for Children with Disabilities

It sounds like a dream come true for kids everywhere — your parents want you to play your video game. It’s good for you. Perhaps... Read more

Loneliness and Isolation in Older Immigrant

Immigrants face great upheaval and life challenges by coming to a new country. Sadly, many of them must confront others — loneliness and isolation— as... Read more