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3D Modeling in the Cloud

Creators of 3D digital graphics have a new cloud-based software option thanks to an applied research project undertaken by Seneca College researchers in partnership with... Read more

Cloud-based Software for Connected Wellness

Seneca College’s Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) and NexJ, a leading provider of cloud-based software for customer relationship management, have been working together... Read more

Improving BigBlueButton Online Learning

Seneca’s open technology developers, working in collaboration with Blindside Networks, have made significant contributions to the development of the BigBlueButton platform for distance education. Blindside... Read more

Mozilla Webmaker in Thai and Russian

Making popular software available to non-English speaking users is a challenge for computer program developers. To get help with localization of their software Webmaker, Mozilla... Read more

Open Source Technology for Emerging Platforms

The digital economy has transformed almost every area of human endeavour, from transportation to politics to dating. Since vast areas of our planet do not... Read more