Holly Catalfamo

Gold | The Leadership Excellence Award for Faculty

Specializing in Human Resources, Dr. Holly Catalfamo is a committed educator whose dedication to her craft and to the success of her students is both infectious and inspiring. She is a leader in experiential learning and course-based applied research, developing curriculum and learning activities that immerse students in real-world applications of concepts and theory and integrate students into a network of working professionals. Dr. Catalfamo also established the Niagara Research Community of Practice in 2011, wherein faculty members gathered on a monthly basis to discuss projects, share strategies and resources for guiding and supporting students, and comment on emerging scholarship about experiential learning.

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The Leadership Excellence Award for Faculty

The Leadership Excellence Award for Faculty recognizes an individual or a team who has exhibited consistent excellence in teaching and has had a significant impact on the personal and academic growth of students. The nominee or team must be currently employed by the institution.

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