December 20, 2023

ApprenticeConnect Put Tools at your Fingertips

Ashley from Career Launcher Apprenticeships appeared on The Construction Life Podcast for the second time this year to discuss how employers receive up to $20,000 for hiring new apprentices and ApprenticeConnect. Ashley was also joined on the podcast by employers who benefited from Career Launcher Apprenticeships. 

Navigating apprenticeships can be a challenge. That’s why ApprenticeConnect, a newly established platform by Colleges and Institutes Canada, funded by the Government of Canada, has created this platform to offer customized resources, tips, and best practices. ApprenticeConnect supports recruitment, training, and retention, specifically within the construction and manufacturing sectors. 

By using platforms like ApprenticeConnect and taking advantage of Career Launcher team members who are always ready to help, you can unlock the potential of apprenticeships and prepare their businesses for the future! 

Listen to the podcast here.