Refining brewing at Refined Fool Brewery

The idea of students getting immersed in beer doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with words like “efficiency” and “productivity,” — but they did when a group from Lambton College worked with Refined Fool Brewing Company, a micro-brewery in the heart of downtown Sarnia.

Refined Fool approached Lambton College for help in minimizing the space and labour their brewing process required, while increasing energy savings, efficiency and productivity. The first part of the project allowed the brewers to monitor the brewing process off site using smart devices. The second part automated keg washing, which was previously done by hand.

Faculty Researcher Kevin Ryan and three students from Lambton’s Instrumentation Control Engineering Technology program worked in collaboration with the Refined Fool team to implement the new technology in their facility.

Refined Fool’s partners say working with Lambton College helped increase profits and reduce production and operation costs.

Partner(s): Refined Fool
Funded by: Applied Research and Development (ARD) Grant

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