Confederation College

Gold | The Excellence in Sustainable Development Award
Confederation College is deeply committed to championing sustainability and has proudly aligned itself with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As one of the early adopters in Ontario, they have woven sustainability into the fabric of its institution, guiding their strategic plan and shaping campus initiatives. They've undertaken a comprehensive SDG audit to inform policies and have invested significantly in sustainable infrastructure and education. Their dedication is evident in their community outreach, hands-on learning environments, and strategic partnerships, all aimed at fostering a sustainable future.

About Confederation College

Confederation College is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario amongst beautiful tree grounds, a shallow twisting river, and a network of walking paths. The institution values... Learn more

The Excellence in Sustainable Development Award

The Excellence in Sustainable Development Award recognizes a college or an institute that has shown leadership in the implementation and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals for the benefit of their learners and community, and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world, now and into the future. This award recognizes institutional, rather than individual achievements. To be eligible for this award, your institution must not have received the “Gold” award within the past 3 years or since 2020

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