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Changing the narrative in post-secondary education

Changing the narrative in post-secondary education

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 12:00 pm EST in English and in French

This past year has been one characterized by change in global economic systems, in new technologies and workforce needs, and in calls to address social injustice and inequality. But with challenges comes the opportunity to redesign a paradigm that reflects the world we wish to build. As leaders now begin to look forward, future-oriented post-secondary institutions must also re-evaluate their role in Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

In post-secondary education, what does it mean to change the narrative? What strategies can we employ to ensure that the challenges we face have lasting positive impacts and help build a future characterized by inclusivity, accessibility, equality, and sustainability?

During this episode of Perspectives LIVE, our speakers and college and institute champions will take you into the depths of change, of looking forward, and of rewriting the future of post-secondary education!


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