Week 6: Your entry is confirmed!

Thank you for committing to the Zero Single-Use Plastic Challenge. You’ve entered the weekly draw for $350.

The correct answers to the quiz are below:

True or False? Food waste is okay because it naturally biodegrades.

Correct answer: False

Food waste is responsible for 6% of global GHG emissions, not to mention the fact that nearly 60% of all food made in Canada is wasted – that could feed a lot of hungry people!

True or False? Recycling plastic items is just as good for the environment as reducing or reusing them.

Correct answer: False

While recycling is important, reducing and reusing items help minimize waste generation in the first place, which is even more effective.

True or False? When buying clothes, it doesn’t matter what the materials are made of because they all end up in landfills.

Correct answer: False

The materials used in clothing do matter; for instance, wool and pineapple leather are biodegradable, while synthetic fibers like polyester or heavily processed fibres like leather contribute to long-lasting landfill waste, toxic chemicals in the atmosphere, and microplastic pollution.

This marks the final week of the ImpAct-Climate Challenge by Colleges and Institutes Canada. Thank you to all participants who have engaged, learned, and shown a commitment to making a positive impact.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting announcement! We’ll be revealing our $1,000 grand prize draw winner as well as the four institutions set to receive a $3,000 bursary for a student climate leader.