CICan marks Global Goals Week with three new initiatives

Ottawa, September 23, 2020 – As the world celebrates Global Goals Week, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is proud to announce three new initiatives focused on helping Canada make progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These will help students, as well as institutions, contribute to economic and social development, community well-being and a sustainable future.

The projects include new internship opportunities for students, a brand-new toolkit for colleges and institutes on the SDGs, and the addition of a new category to CICan’s Awards of excellence, recognizing excellence in sustainable development.

CICan’s new ImpAct Internships program will help employers’ advance initiatives that align with the SDGs and allow Canadian youth to gain critical skills essential for the 21st century and to become SDG ambassadors. Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada as part of its COVID-19 emergency relief response, this program will fully cover an intern’s salary and participation fees, up to $10,000. It is part of CICan’s latest round of Career Launcher Internships, that will help 480 young Canadians gain valuable work experience.

CICan’s SDG Toolkit for Canadian Colleges and Institutes is a brand-new practical guide made available to all post-secondary institutions as an open educational resource (OER). This is the first such resource produced by CICan and will serve as an evergreen tool that colleges and institutes can continue developing. It includes valuable information about the SDGs, tips on how to implement them in post-secondary contexts as well as best-practices and resources.

Additionally, CICan has decided to add a new category to its annual Awards of Excellence program to recognize and celebrate a college or an institute that has shown remarkable leadership in the implementation and advancement of the SDGs for the benefit of their learners and community. The first Excellence in Sustainable Development Award will be distributed in May. Nominations are now open!

“The world is currently facing unprecedented challenges that have emerged over the years and are being exacerbated by the current global pandemic”, noted CICan’s president and CEO, Denise Amyot. “The SDGs can serve as a valuable roadmap for the world, but we know that these challenges will only be overcome by working together. Colleges and institutes play a critical role in building a better and more sustainable future, which is why we will continue working to mobilize and empower our members as well as their students.”

These new projects are all connected to CICan’s ImpAct initiative, which was launched in February 2019. ImpAct aims to support colleges and institutes in achieving their shared vision of Better Futures for Peoples and Communities, and reflects CICan’s own commitment to supporting the SDGs. The association is also a proud signatory of the SDG Accord along with postsecondary institutions and stakeholder groups from around the world.

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