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Budget 2022 is here and there’s a lot to unpack.

Budget 2022 is here and there’s a lot to unpack.

April 19, 2022
Though the wins for colleges and institutes are less explicit than we might have hoped, there’s $56 billion worth of opportunity that our sector is ready to take on! As always, the way we advocate isn’t just about speaking up for our members; it’s also about making sure that the federal government understands how colleges and institutes support their own priorities. Here’s how we see it.

  1. Climate action, reducing greenhouse gases, and low-carbon industries
The ambitious $15-billion Canada Growth Fund will stimulate growth in low-carbon industries and contribute to Canada’s net-zero transition. (It also hints at a willingness to act on a large and intersectional scale).

  1. Innovation and investment
The new Canadian Innovation and Investment Agency proposes $1 billion over five years to set up an independent federal agency that will help boost research capacity across the country. (It also hints that the government might be thinking more seriously about innovation).

  • Each year, more and more Canadian businesses and community organizations of all sizes benefit from real solutions to real problems through college and institutes applied research!
  • Data from our latest survey paints a picture of what college and institute applied research already offers Canada’s innovation ecosystem and what we can still achieve if we think more strategically about investment.
  • It’s also important that research is properly protected. We’re excited to see support for post-secondary institutions to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks to research security through the Research Support Fund and the Research Security Centre.
  1. Attracting and retaining international talent
The budget proposes $385.7 million over five years to facilitate the timely and efficient entry of a growing number of visitors, workers, and students. It also recognizes the economic and societal value to Canadian communities that newcomers and international students bring to Canadian communities.

So, what comes next? We’re keen to get back to our regular advocacy and engage actively with key federal departments and stakeholders in the coming weeks as the announced programs are designed and implemented! Be active in your communities and on social media to promote colleges and institutes as key players and be sure to let us know of visits and meetings that take place.