Wastewater Recovery

There is a growing interest in water and wastewater treatment technologies and systems across Canada.

The Lambton Water Centre (LWC) increases the capacity for Lambton College and its partners to conduct applied research in the area of wastewater, water treatment with services that include design and automation, instrumentation, optimization, maintenance/operation scheduling and remote facility management systems.

The Water Centre has formed partnerships with companies and organizations in the water and wastewater value chain including municipalities, manufacturers, operators, consultants, universities and First Nations organizations.

One project under the LWC Corp. is with KMX Membrane Technologies. KMX is currently undertaking pilot scale recovery of ‘frack’ water from Alberta well drilling and development. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, uses huge volumes of pressurized water, sand and chemicals to release oil and gas from rock formations.

Lambton researchers are working to help KMX automate, control and optimize their membrane-based wastewater recovery pilot plant. The LWC faculty researchers have expertise ranging from instrumentation and control, to process control and chemical analysis. Students and faculty from these college programs are able to develop their skills and knowledge as they apply to the water sector while working on development of viable products for local companies.

Harvey Vowels, New Business Development, KMX Corporation says “The partnership with Lambton College has been very beneficial in allowing us to automate and optimize our new wastewater recovery technology targeted at the oil and gas and mining sectors. Based on our very positive experience with Lambton College, we look forward to collaborating on additional new process technology

The LWC initiative also helps stimulate economic development through technology transfer to the partners, local and regional business and municipalities.

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