The fine art of 3D printing

Alongside the wheels and kilns in the pottery studio at Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek campus is a new way to create art — a 3D printer for ceramics.

Two faculty members of Mohawk’s Continuing Education program, Duncan Aird and Reid Flock, collaborated on this revolutionary work. Their ongoing quest for innovation in the classroom and expertise in ceramics was the spark that lead them to create new courses to take advantage of the computer software designed for producing ceramics in a 3D printer.

The project leads used Mohawk College’s Additive Management Resource Centre to help them choose the best 3D printer for ceramics.

The first 3D ceramics course, “3D printing with clay,” began in the summer of 2017.

Industry: Manufacturing
Funded by: Mohawk College Applied Research and Innovation in Education Fund (ARIE)

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