Nurses Test New Operating Room Control System

Computerized monitoring systems are used in all operating rooms in Canadian hospitals.

But how would nurses respond to the graphic user interface design of the new system?

An Ontario company specializing in innovative audio and video solutions for the medical marketplace developed a new touch screen interface for its operating room control system, and asked Centennial College researchers to help them test it.

Because the college trains nurses and has a simulated operating room, it was able to help OASYS Healthcare test the interface using students as well as working nurses. Beyond assisting with the company’s evaluation, this gave students experience with the state-of-art technology they can expect to use on the job.

Fifteen peri-operative registered nurses were recruited to take part in a usability study which validated three important findings. The system was easy to use and could be operated by a circulating nurse with little or no training, the company’s V300 system added value to the surgical process, and the interface could be further improved.

OASYS used the study for the next stage of product development. The company said the data will help it to provide operating room control systems that increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and have a positive impact on patient safety.

OASYS collaborated with Centennial College researchers led by principal investigator Merritt Burstein, Coordinator & Professor in the Peri-operative Nursing and Collaborative Nursing Degree Program.

Partner(s): OASYS Healthcare

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