Computerizing Homecare for Kidney Patients

A new technology for doing kidney dialysis at home is being developed by Sault College in partnership with a small Ontario engineering company.

Sault College has collaborated with eQOL Inc. to develop a prototype of a microcontroller-based device that will improve the connectivity of their eQ Connect™ technology (formerly called DiCAT). Kidney dialysis treatment usually requires several hospital visits a week, which can be onerous for people living several miles from a hospital but impossible for patients living in rural communities or on reserves 50 or more kilometres from treatment. eQOL Inc. is a process engineering company that builds devices to enable people living with chronic conditions to manage self-care at home and reduce their visits to hospital.

The company’s first product, eQ Connect™, is a technology-based solution for kidney dialysis at home that simplifies self-care. The objective is to add comfort and to enhance patients’ engagement with his or her own condition.

eQ Connect™ offers mobile and web-based applications that provide access to resources and support for patients and the health care team managing treatment. Moving beyond conventional monitoring technologies, eQOL provides a patient-centric model with comprehensive process management.

“Our self-care model, the basis of eQ Connect™, provides tools to patients that empower them to care for themselves in the comfort of their home,” says Binh Nguyen, co-founder & Chief Executive of eQOL.

Increased home dialysis uptake and reduced attrition will lower the overall cost per patient for renal care by lowering the number of staff required per patient through improved efficiency of workflows and resource usage. eQOL is based out of Sault Ste. Marie and Toronto. The company will create new jobs and stimulate economic activity in Ontario by utilizing local products and services when available.

Partner(s): eQOL Inc.
Funded by: Ontario Centres of Excellence

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