Colleges and institutes react to Budget 2022

Ottawa, April 7, 2022 – Although it includes few measures specifically for the post-secondary sector, Budget 2022 does align with college and institute priorities, especially on the environment, innovation, addressing labour shortages and welcoming international students back to Canada.

Having committed themselves to achieving net-zero campuses by 2050, colleges and institutes are pleased to see initiatives to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The ambitious $15 billion Canada Growth Fund, which aims to stimulate growth in low-carbon industries and help with the country’s transition to net-zero shows a willingness to act on a large scale.

Building a green economy, which this budget clearly sets out to do, will require workers with new skills. If we want this transition to be successful, we must absolutely ensure people are supported and that they have access to the training opportunities they need, including reskilling and upskilling, to fill the new jobs that will be created in a green economy.

Attracting and retaining international talent is also needed to help grow our economy and address labour shortages. Despite the challenges caused by the global pandemic, the number of study permit applications to Canada surpassed pre-pandemic levels in 2021. Still, challenges remain to process these applications quickly and efficiently given the delays and backlogs caused by COVID-19. Colleges and institutes are therefore very pleased that Budget 2022 will provide $385.7 million over five years to facilitate the timely and efficient entry of a growing number of visitors, workers, and students.

Each year, thousands of businesses turn to their local college or institute to access research expertise. The creation of a new Canadian Innovation and Investment Agency is another encouraging measure that will help boost research across the country. Colleges and institutes are also pleased with the new funding made available for research security through the Research Support Fund and the Research Security Centre. Coupled with last year’s investments in the College and Community Innovation Program, these measures will help colleges and institutes to strengthen research partnerships.

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) will continue working with the federal government to address top priorities not included in Budget 2022, such as strengthening the commercialization capacity of SMEs through applied research. More support for student mental health is also a pressing concern. The important infrastructure footprint of the 686 college campuses should also be taken into account when looking at Canada’s green infrastructure investments.



“Despite few measures directly targeted at the postsecondary sector, Budget 2022 includes many new initiatives on the environment, the labour market, innovation, and economic growth that align well with our members’ priorities. It is clear that colleges and institutes will have a key role to play in achieving the government’s objectives, whether it’s stimulating the economy, fostering innovation, achieving net-zero emissions, and helping Canadians going through challenging times. Their job has always been to future-proof learners and their communities. After two years of pandemic, their expertise will be more relevant than ever.”

Denise Amyot, President & CEO, Colleges and Institutes Canada.


About Colleges and Institutes Canada:

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