2021 Student Art Contest

We are thrilled to celebrate the creativity and talent of six student artists following the results of our 2021 Student Art Contest!

This year’s contest received over 200 submissions from talented college and institute students across the country in six categories: textile, mixed media, or sculpture; photography; digital Illustration or animation; painting; and, drawing.

Digital Illustration or Animation

Living the Zoom life portrait by Celina Zhong

Living the Zoom Life

Celina Zhong  |  Capilano University

This past year or so has been lonely and anxiety-inducing, challenging us all to adapt to drastic changes and many Zoom calls. However arduous it has been, we have found ways to cope and reconnect.


Overgrowth portrait by Emma Sun


Emma Sun  |  Capilano University

Engraved on copper plating, each shade is individually treated to be printed on rag paper through a printing press.


HOPE portrait by Jingwen Cao


Jingwen (Pino) Cao  |  Sheridan College

This piece of art work uses color pencil to catch the natural beauty of the fox and appeal for animal protection. Through the fox’s eyes, I hope people can see hope, wishes, love and peace.


Stargate to an Alternate Universe portrait by Matthew Parr

Stargate to an Alternate Universe

Matthew Parr |  Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology

The remnants of a structure that lays dormant between a non-populated beach and the vast lake.

Textile, mixed media, or sculpture

Repos by Pascale Laliberté


Pascale Laliberté |  Cégep Limoilou

Matériaux: frêne, érable. Dimensions: 122 x 75 x 76 CM La sculpture rappelle un arbre élégant dans lequel on est tenté de s’approcher pour se cacher et se reposer d’un monde saturé.


Repos by Pascale Laliberté


Yannis Fernandes |  Sheridan College

Suffering in watercolour, gouache, Prismacolours and some gel medium. This is a portrait of someone who is facing challenges head on. It implies pain but also courage and resilience.