Collège Ahuntsic

Gold | The Excellence in Sustainable Development Award
Collège Ahuntsic wishes to inspire and mobilize its entire community in a responsible approach to greening. This approach is guided by a vision that aspires to change the relationship between humans and their environment, which puts humans at the service of the environment thus allowing for sustainable changes. The college wishes to play a part in constructing environmental and climatic solutions for ecosystems and human societies. Its educational role is an important strategic catalyst to meet the challenge of an inclusive and just ecological transition. Social justice is at the heart of its process, which is educational, inclusive and participatory.

About Collège Ahuntsic

Le Collège Ahuntsic est un établissement d’enseignement supérieur. Il offre trois programmes d’études préuniversitaires, 24 programmes d’études techniques, des activités de formation continue et de... Learn more

The Excellence in Sustainable Development Award

The Excellence in Sustainable Development Award recognizes a college or an institute that has shown leadership in the implementation and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals for the benefit of their learners and community, and contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world, now and into the future. This award recognizes institutional, rather than individual achievements. To be eligible for this award, your institution must not have received the “Gold” award within the past 3 years or since 2020

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