January 23, 2024

A Fresh New Take on Pre-Arrival Services

At Planning for Canada (PfC), we know immigrants’ needs are always changing. That’s why we consistently tailor our services to better support your pre-arrival needs, making sure that immigrants you arrive with confidence. In fact, PfC has supported more than 65,000 clients from around the world since 2007! 

This year, we’re continuing that tradition. Our new approach means you will be able to do any service in any order that you would like. Planning for Canada remains committed to refining and expanding these initiatives to better facilitate the successful transition of immigrants to their new lives in Canada. 

Our new approach turns the classic three-step process into unique services tailored for you:  

  • The Immigrant Workshop: Your live information session. Either virtually worldwide or in person in India or the Philippines, participants receive trustworthy and up-to-date information about all key aspects of living and working in Canada. The sessions add to what you’ve already learned through family and friends, clarify your expectations, and help you make informed decisions. 
  • The One-on-One: Your personalized planning session. A well-trained facilitator will assess your unique needs and assets, and help you create a personalized Settlement Plans based on your intended occupation and destination in Canada. 
  • The Referrals: Your connections to advisors in Canada. Experts in settlement and in your professional field will share valuable insights to help you establish local connections tailored to your priorities, chosen destination, personal circumstances, family needs, and occupational aspirations.

  • The Webinars: Your bi-weekly webinar series to supplement your learning. Expert guests on priority topics expand on information provided during your Immigrant Workshop and One-on-One session. Webinars are tailored to the needs and interests of immigrants and hosted in collaboration with expert organizations from across Canada. 

PfC flexible and unique services give you the freedom to choose a sequence that works best for you! Adaptability means you can tailor your PfC experience to meet your specific needs, personalize your approach to make the most of the diverse range of services at your disposal.  

You are in control of your pre-arrival pathway! 

So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! We’re happy to set participants on their way to arrive with confidence. Coming soon! You’ll be able to prepare your journey at your own pace and time. 

Having family or friends immigrating to Canada? Planning for Canada will ensure their transition to their new home and employment is as smooth as possible. Share this link so they can register for FREE and take part of these amazing services!  

Also, join the PfC team at their #ArriveWithConfidence Networking Event on February 28, 2024. 

Planning for Canada (PfC) is delivered by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). PfC offers free pre-arrival services to Economic and Family Class immigrants, and the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) candidates.