November 8, 2021

There is no future without net-zero

A new report from a Berlin-based think tank ranks Canada’s per-capita carbon emissions among the highest in the world. This is not the record we want to be setting. We need to get serious about reducing emissions, in a big way, now. Canada needs leadership and colleges and institutes are stepping up. At more than 670 locations, we pledge to achieve net-zero emissions on campus by 2050!

With the largest post-secondary footprint in the country, our collective engagement goes a long way. Zero emissions on campus is an ambitious goal, but not out of reach. In fact, many examples of net-zero and LEED-certified campus facilities, learning environments, and research centres already exist!

These buildings practice what they preach, quite literally. They are real examples of energy efficiency. And, they give students the opportunity to learn skills in real environments and practice their skills with real technologies on the leading edge of sustainable design.

  • Know another net-zero campus building not listed here? Be vocal! Share your examples and our pledge on social media using the hashtag #ClimateAction.

As a country, we are heading in the net-zero direction. As a sector, we are standing out. We are future-proofing industries, skills, learners, and the economy; and there is no future without net-zero.