May 25, 2023

The SCA program is the door to a fulfilling career in healthcare

Bunmi Oni enrolled in the Supportive Care Assistant (SCA) program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic only four months after arriving in Canada. With previous experience working in the banking sector, the SCA program was Bunmi’s first step into healthcare. 

The program provided her with six weeks of free online training, followed by a two-month paid work placement with Sanctum Care Group in Saskatoon. Bunmi enjoyed both aspects of the program, particularly her work placement. 

  • “The experience gained during the work placement was an unforgettable one,” she said. “I was able to put into practice and enhance the skills learned in the online training.” 

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 3 Good Health and Well-being calls on us to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all people at all ages. 

The SCA program not only introduced Bunmi to a career in long-term care but also inspired her to continue her studies to become a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA)*. As an SCA graduate, she can receive a $5,000 stipend to support her CCA studies including tuition, books, certifications, dependant care, uniforms, transportation, etc. 

For Bunmi, the experience was truly meaningful. She hopes to one day become a licensed practical nurse and is grateful for the opportunity the SCA program provided to achieve her short-term career goals and work towards future career success.  

A gateway to a fulfilling career in healthcare. After completing the SCA program, Bunmi was offered full-time work at Sanctum Care Group and highly recommends the program to anyone looking to start a career in healthcare. She believes the program provides an excellent learning experience and job opportunities at no financial cost. 

The SCA program helps individuals like Bunmi learn in-demand skills, get hands-on work experience, and launch their careers in healthcare. By providing support to those in their community, students in the program are contributing to the well-being of others.  

Bunmi was quick to add, “I absolutely recommend this program for anyone looking to start a career in long-term care!” 

*Continuing Care Assistant is the common title for personal care providers in Saskatchewan. Other provinces use different titles, including Personal Support Worker in Ontario and New Brunswick and Health Care Aide in Alberta and Manitoba.