January 10, 2022

The big 5-0

Who remembers what the Canadian post-secondary landscape was like in 1972? We do! Because that’s the year we officially got to work. This year, we’re celebrating our 50th anniversary!?

From humble beginnings as the Association of Canadian Community Colleges with a dedicated staff of three, we’ve grown in every possible way. Today, we’re a team of nearly 130, representing 139 member institutions. With more than 95% of Canadians living within 50 km of a member institution, and thanks to our extensive reach around the globe, we work every day to futureproof communities in Canada and abroad.

50 years is a milestone worth celebrating! As much as this is our birthday year, it’s also about the incredible system we are lucky enough to represent. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the impact we have had together since 1972 and share our joint vision for the impact we will have in the future.

We have an exciting celebratory year planned, so stay tuned. To kick it off, travel back to where it all began with an in-depth look at our history and growth over the years, and explore a brand-new timeline of our key milestones!

Be a part of our birthday year!

Looking back also means looking forward, and we want to hear from you. We’re calling on our members, partners, and friends from across Canada and around the world to join us in reflecting what the future has in store in a series of texts that will be shared throughout the year. Share your vision that will inspire the next 50 years!

Still to come:

  • On advocacy: A look at our work at the federal level over the past 50 years. What have been the biggest priorities of the college and institute sector and how have we been able to advance those priorities for economic growth and prosperity?
  • On national partnerships: A closer look at our relationships with national partners, government, businesses, and industry leaders. What role do we – and our members – play in Canada and how do the relationships we build respond to emerging needs?
  • Around the world: An in-depth look at our history in international projects. How has international development changed and how does the Canadian model for education contribute to sustainability abroad?