Deadline: November 13, 2023

2024 Governor General’s Innovation Awards

Nomination Criteria

Nomination Summary

As per the Call for Nominations, the Governor General’s Innovation Awards will be given to individuals, teams and/or organizations whose innovations are truly exceptional, transformative and positive in their impact on the quality of life in Canada. An expert, merit-review adjudication process will be used to select award winners. Please provide a summary explaining the nature, significance and impact of the nominee’s innovation or innovative activities (maximum 500 characters including spaces).

Nomination Guidelines

Selection Criteria

In order to fully inform the merit-review adjudication please address the following:

  1. Inspiration: How does the process leading to this innovation, its implementation and its developer(s) inspire future innovators in Canada? (maximum 2000 characters including spaces)
  2. Leadership: How did the nominee(s) demonstrate leadership in their work? Discuss evidence of initiative, collaboration, risk-taking and problem-solving in the process of developing and implementing the innovation (maximum 2000 characters, including spaces).
  3. Impact: Does the innovation in question have a positive effect in the world? Describe the successful implementation of the innovation in the sector, economy, society or culture, and the role of the nominee(s) in that implementation. (maximum 2000 characters, including spaces).
    • If possible, please quantify the impact. For example, a nominee(s) may have created a B Corporation to market the innovation and realize social benefits at the same time, with sales of this amount and this number of persons assisted.
    • If the innovation is not commercialized, or if impact is not easily quantifiable, please use qualitative data and/or storytelling to demonstrate the transformative impact.

Nomination Criteria Sample of the Nomination form

Submission Form