April 26, 2021

Must read: the path to a net-zero carbon future

As we celebrate Earth Day, our brand-new paper on sustainability highlights the critical role of colleges and institutes in helping Canada achieve net-zero emissions by 2050! Even as last week’s federal budget proposed $17.6 billion for green initiatives, it’s clear Canada must adopt a whole-of-country approach and will require strong leadership from post-secondary institutions. Everyone has a role to play!

Leading the Way to a Net-Zero Carbon Future presents the role of colleges and institutes on four pillarsgreen skills for a net-zero future, applied research and living labs, Indigenous and nature-based solutions, and leveraging campuses.

In the face of a climate emergency and pandemic recovery, leadership in sustainability is more important than ever. With their extensive footprint, expertise in equipping learners with job-ready skills, and an applied research innovation pipeline to small and medium-sized businesses, colleges and institutes are ideally positioned to support Canada’s transition to a net-zero future!