July 26, 2021

Beyond good intentions to action

Did you know that McKinsey & Company’s widely-cited 2015 Diversity Matters report found that companies with greater gender or racial and ethnic diversity among employees were more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians? McKinsey’s 2018 follow up, Delivering through Diversity, confirmed the correlation. The point is that committing to structures that empower diverse groups isn’t only an ethical and moral imperative, it’s also a good business decision. Win-win, right?

Pathways to many professions begin with post-secondary education, and so must the commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). In fact, many colleges and institutes stand out as leaders in the sector on policies, programs, and initiatives that foster an institution-wide culture of EDI:

Leaders in the field, these four institutions have also been instrumental in laying the foundation of our new national initiative sharing best practices and promoting a coordinated approach to a culture of inclusion specific to colleges and institutesImpAct-EDI!

  • As the national association with a mission to strengthen the system, we aim to bring together colleges and institutes from across the country in collaboration, sharing, learning, and amplifying in everything we do.
  • We also know many other colleges and institutes are already leaders in their communities. Stay tuned for more on this initiative to learn from each other and strengthen EDI at the national level, and for an opportunity to be a part of our new EDI Community of Practice and National Advisory Committee!
  • In case you missed it: Watch Perspectives LIVE “Amplifying BIPOC voices : representation, visibility, and opportunity,” for a look at the role of post-secondary institutions in addressing systemic racism in Canada and the steps that institutions can take to move from celebrating diversity to driving meaningful change.

We’re also proud to have marked a major milestone in diversity and concrete steps towards gender equity and greater inclusion at the highest level within our association. We’ve surpassed our goals as part of 50-30 Challenge!

  • The challenge encourages Canadian organizations to increase the representation and inclusion of diverse groups within their workplaces, while highlighting the benefits of giving all Canadians a seat at the table.

We’re serious about EDI, not only as an ethical and moral responsibility, but also as necessary for sustainable recovery. We have an opportunity now as individuals and as a sector to address structural and systemic barriers to inclusion in ways that move beyond good intentions to action.