Deadline: February 27, 2023

Call for Presentations

Pre-Congress Forum for Colleges and Institutes Serving Rural, Remote and Northern Communities

Futureproofing rural, remote, and northern communities
April 21-22, 2023, Palais des congrès de Montreal

Join us in Montreal immediately prior to World Congress 2023 for this year’s forum for colleges and institutes serving rural, remote and northern communities.With the theme Collective Intelligence, the forum will offer the opportunity to:

  • stimulate interactive discussions on the priorities of rural Canada;
  • share knowledge and best approaches showing how colleges and institutes are contributing to building more sustainable rural communities;
  • explore and reflect on how rural, remote and northern communities can have equal opportunity to fully participate in Canada’s economic growth and share in its prosperity;
  • share successes, best practices, strategic and sustainable partnerships between colleges and institutes and their communities.

CICan invites presentation proposals that align to any of the following sub themes:

ACCESSIBILITY : Transportation, Infrastructure, Broadband Internet Access
Topics may include partnerships for access, creation of digital hubs at college campuses, working with industry to develop high speed connectivity

SUSTAINABILITY: Climate Change, Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs), Net Zero
Topics may include skills training and applied research partnerships related to clean technologies, green infrastructure, food security and adaptation, maintaining existing infrastructure, coastal erosion, green approaches to agriculture

RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION: Attracting Talent, Immigration, Outmigration
Topics may include student recruitment and retention, attracting faculty, retraining faculty, supporting student success (academic supports, housing, childcare, transportation, social hubs for youth to ensure mental health), community driven models to attract new immigrants, economic forecasts

SOCIO ECONOMIC CHALLENGES:Wage Gap, Employment Gap, Inflation, Recession
Topics may include wage growth, gender and other equity-deserving, sustainable jobs, counter-urbanization, skills gap.

Supplementary themes may be considered. In this case, submissions should include complete panel speakers. Complete panel submissions should represent a variety of institutions and demonstrate diversity among speakers.

Submission deadline: February 27, 2023

Presentation Format: (45minutes) Proposals maybe submitted as individual presentations under the topic area OR as a complete panel, up to three speakers.

Title and overview: Proposal must include the title of the presentation and a short description (150-200 words)

Presenter(s) information: Identify the presenter(s) with title (s) and name of the institution(s)/organization(s)

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