Using Radar for Outdoor Perimeter Security
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Using Radar for Outdoor Perimeter Security

Algonquin College, Ontario

Algonquin College student researchers have been key players in the design and testing of a new 3D radar system that an Ottawa security company is developing for perimeter surveillance of military bases and pipelines.

3D Sentry Corp. is a company founded by security industry entrepreneurs, Dr Keith Harman and David Baird, to develop the next generation of advanced outdoor perimeter security sensors. Such systems could provide improved protection of the outdoor perimeters of critical infrastructure facilities, such as military bases, power stations, petrochemical plants, and pipelines.

3D Sentry recently completed a successful project with Algonquin’s Applied Research and Innovation Centre to advance the development of a “Ported Coaxial Cable” prototype, a covert terrain-following cable-guided radar. The work was carried out at Algonquin by a student research team led by Dr. Theo Mirtchev and at the company’s purpose-built development site in Almonte, Ontario.

Completing the prototype represents a critical milestone in the company’s development. It allows 3D Sentry to continue the development, then test and start selling a fully functional Evaluation System. The prototype will possess all of the major attributes, functionality and characteristics specified for the final production system. This will allow the company to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of the system to customers, strategic partners, consultants, testing agencies and investors. 3D Sentry will then undertake further development to produce a market-ready final product.

“This project included the design and integration of advanced hardware controlled by Labview software. In my view this work would be challenging for an experienced team of engineers,” says Dr. Harman, Chief Scientist at 3D Sentry Corporation. “The success of the project has led to a system that can be demonstrated to customers and potential venture capital people. This was only possible with the enthusiastic efforts of the students and the dedicated work of Dr. Mirtchev.”

Funding: Innovation Enhancement (IE) Grant
Partners: 3D Sentry Corporation

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