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Election 2019

Canada’s colleges and institutes play a critical role in communities across the country, driving Canadian innovation and training a globally competitive workforce.

Help candidates get to know their local college or institute

It’s really simple! Fill out your postal code to send a quick letter to the candidates in your riding so they can see their local colleges or institutes in action and learn about the critical role they play!

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Map of Canada showing the locations of member colleges, universities and institutes.

Did you know?

  • 95% of Canadians and 86% of Indigenous people live within 50km of a college campus or learning centre.
  • Colleges and institutes serve as vital community hubs that work closely with employers through program advisory committees to help ensure skills training meets their needs.
  • In 2017-2018 colleges and institutes worked with over 7300 partners on applied research projects, resulting in over 4400 concrete innovations, including new products, services, prototypes or processes.
  • Canada’s extensive network of colleges and institutes generated over $191 billion in additional income to the national economy in 2014-15 and for every dollar spent on providing college and institute education, $5.40 is added in national income and social savings.

Want to learn more?

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Serving your community: Colleges and Institutes

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Equipping Canadians to thrive in the face of disruption

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Canada’s colleges and institutes: your path to success!

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Your Election Hub

Logos of all the parties

Party Platforms

We are committed to providing you with important information about what the national parties are saying during the election. Follow the links below to connect with the national parties. Check back throughout the election to access the party platforms as they become available.

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Make your voice heard

Voting is the best way to have you say in our democratic process! Do you want to learn more about voting? Or maybe you’d like to volunteer or work for the federal election? Elections Canada is a great resource! To learn more about voter eligibility dates, voting locations, work opportunities, and more, visit: elections.ca

Student voting on campus

Vote on campus

This year, many colleges and institutes will host Election Canada’s Vote on campus program. These special election offices will allow students to vote right on campus, either in their local riding, or in their home riding if they had to move for school. This is also a great opportunity for short-term student employment.

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Stay informed

Debates are a key element of federal elections and we encourage you to follow along. To learn more about who will take part, participation criteria, language accessibility and more, please visit the Leaders Debates Commission website: debates-debats.ca

*Important dates:* The proposed dates for the federal leaders’ debates are October 7 (English debate) and October 10 (French debate). The debates will take place in the Ottawa/Gatineau area.

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is a nonpartisan organization that provides information to the public and advocates on behalf of its members across Canada. CICan is committed to working with all political parties and while we may have positions on specific issues we do not, nor will we, endorse specific parties or candidates.