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The University College of the North (UCN) offers college and university programming across 14 locations throughout Manitoba. UCN is uniquely mandated to serve a culturally diverse population. The institution operates under a tri-cameral governance system consisting of a Governing Council, Learning Council and Council of Elders. UCN offers more than 40 programs and confers degrees, diplomas and certificates. Some of UCN’s programming is a result of partnering with other institutions like the Joint Baccalaureate Nursing program. UCN offers educational opportunities in a “close to home” approach through the regional centre network. UCN currently has 12 regional centres, 9 of which are in First Nations communities.

En bref

  • UCN provides education close to home through two main campuses and 12 regional centres.
  • UCN focuses on providing education that is relevant to Aboriginal and northern Manitobans.
  • UCN is governed by a tri-cameral governance system that includes a Governing Council, Learning Council and a Council of Elders. Each council has representation on the other to promote collaboration.
  • Our small class sizes mean that students can enjoy more opportunities for personal interaction. They lead to better classroom discussions, to help students get the most out of their education.
  • So many of UCN’s programs provide students with unique practical training opportunities including conducting field studies in the Natural Resources Management Technology winter or fall camps.


PO Box 3000, 436 7th Street East
The Pas, Manitoba
R9A 1M7

Téléphone : 204-627-8500
Numéro sans frais : 866-627-8500