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International Marketing and Recruitment

Canadian colleges and institutes are internationally recognized as leaders in higher education that is practical and career focused. They host over 50% of international students at the post-secondary level in Canada. International students go on to pursue fulfilling careers, either in Canada or in their home country.

As the voice of Canadian colleges and institutes, CICan works with the federal government to improve policies and create programs that facilitate student mobility and the recruitment of international students. CICan also develops strategic college specific missions, and sector wide initiatives in collaboration with industry stakeholders to promote Canada’s college and institute internationally in new and emerging markets.

Are you an agent looking to work with our members?

Some of our members work directly with agencies to support recruitment of students from specific areas. Please refer to our member directory for contact details of specific institutions.

CICan encourages agencies looking to work with our members to complete the free Canada Course for Education Agents.

Are you a student looking to study in Canada at the college level?

Refer to our member directory to search for programs and contact details of specific institutions.

Plan for your future in Canada and view these resources from Scotiabank about the cost of living and planning your finances for study in Canada.

CICan and Scotiabank

Partners for international recruitment

The Scotiabank GIC program enables international students to meet the requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada study permit application guidelines and provides access to funds to help pay for living expenses while studying in Canada. CICan and Scotiabank aim to create an environment where international students can not only reach their own objectives, but also feel at home in Canada and better contribute to Canada’s growth and development.
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