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Executive Leadership Development (China)

Since 2010, Vocational Education Leadership Training (VELT) has brought Chinese Institute of Technology CEOs and Vice Presidents to Canada to learn about the leadership models of the Canadian college and institute system. Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore and the U.S. are the five countries that participate in this Chinese Ministry of Education program.

The China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) administers the program that sees 100 administrators participate in one-month study tours. VELT is part of the Chinese government’s initiative to support The National Model Higher Vocational College Construction Project, which outlines the development priorities for education in China, including TVET.

Focusing on Education

Every year, all five participating countries welcome 20 college leaders from China. The delegation, usually composed of college presidents and vice presidents, is given the opportunity to learn new concepts and witness diverse practices. The project encourages innovation in Chinese vocational colleges, while exploring effective international cooperation. The emphasis on the creation of focus groups allows a small number to conduct research in specific interests, train in key areas of reform and develop the field of senior vocational education.

Fast Facts

  • Past areas of concentration: program development, curriculum reform, talent training and internationalization.
  • 1+2+1 model = 1 week of orientation for all 20 participants, 2 weeks training at host colleges, 1 week of summary.
  • CICan has hosted 6 VELT delegations.
  • China is investing in expanding its institute network of 1,250 institutes of technology, as well as transforming 600 traditional universities into universities of applied science and technology.
  • 5 host countries: Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore and the U.S.
  • The Vocational Education Leadership Training Program (VELT) offers the host institutions an opportunity to showcase their educational programs, administrative processes, leadership strategies and successes.

Funded By

VELT is funded by the Government of China, through the Ministry of Finance (MOF).