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Private Sector Growth through Education for Employment (PSG-EFE)

The Private Sector Growth through Education for Employment (PSG-EFE) project aims to develop the private sector in Senegal through the development of student training programs that are in line with the needs of the labour market. PSG-EFE focuses on three priority sectors: agriculture, mining and geomatics. By enhancing the educational facilities and equipment used to train students at Senegalese professional and training facilities, Senegalese students will be better prepared to enter the workforce. PSG-EFE helps Senegalese institutes of professional and technical training to become more autonomous, and helps them improve governance and their managerial approaches. Participating professional and technical institutes will receive support in the development of their curricula for the programs selected by the project, train the trainer programs, and the equipment necessary for the selected training programs.

Private-Public Partnership

PSG-EFE is developing links between the private sector and the professional and technical education sector in order to address the needs of the labour market. The development of a network of public-private partnerships will improve the management of training institutions. The involvement of the private sector will also ensure the institutions are providing students the skills that are in demand in the local labour market as well as improving their skills in entrepreneurship. Students are trained with the skills necessary to find suitable employment and also receive guidance as they move into the workforce. As per all CICan EFE programs, an important focus for PSG-EFE is the access to the labour market for women. In addition to the gender equality, the objectives of the Project also take into consideration preoccupations related to the preservation of the environment, the risk management, the coordination among all stakeholders while promoting good governance.

CICan has partnered with two government ministries to develop and implement PSG-EFE: Global Affairs Canada, funder of the Project, and the Ministère de la Formation professionnelle, de l’Apprentissage et de l’Artisanat of Senegal (MFPAA), which is in the ‘’driver seat’’ of the Project. PSG-EFE works in collaboration with the MFPAA and contributes to the achievement of its current Technical Education reform.

Fast Facts

  • Launched in 2014.
  • 17 programs being developed.
  • Regions: Dakar, Saint-Louis, Thiès, Diourbel, Ziguinchor, Kaolack, and Kédougou.
  • Sectors: agriculture, mining and geomatics.
  • Approximately 15 Canadian colleges, institutes and cégeps, in collaboration with Senegalese technical education establishments, will take part in this program which will train roughly 13 500 students in Senegal.
  • Ultimate outcome: Employability of learners of enhanced TVET and in line with the needs of the private sector.

Funded By

PSG-EFE is funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada. (2015-2021) It has a budget of CAD $20M.