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Pacific Alliance EFE Program

The Pacific Alliance Education for Employment Program for sustainable development and skills for employment in the extractive sector of the Pacific Alliance (AP), is a regional program implemented in four Latin American countries (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru).

Its intervention is based on two main principles.

  1. The first concerns the establishment of institutional partnerships to provide technical assistance and support for the skills development of a local labour force that is marginalized due to insufficient qualifications for jobs offered by industry, or to generate employment that would provide them with sufficient income to escape poverty.
  2. The second component of the intervention is aimed at supporting extractive sector governance through technical assistance and the establishment of a program to share experiences and best practices (legal, environmental, socio-economic, community, etc.) between representatives of the Canadian private and public Extractive Sector, and PA technical group stakeholders, representatives of the extractive and environmental sectors, and Indigenous communities of the four member countries.

Fast Facts

  • At least 750 officers from the associated ministries will benefit from the dialogue on best practices.
  • 131 directors and managers from institutes and Ministries of Education will have their capacity in leadership and institutional management strengthened.
  • More than 105 trainers will be trained in pedagogical strategies related to teaching and evaluating the programs according to the competence-based education and training approach.
  • A Minimum of 140 employers and 1,400 learners will directly benefit from the Program.

Funded By

EFE-PA is a five-year (2016-2021) program funded by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada. It has a budget of CAD $16M.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequality
  • Goal 13: Climate Action
  • Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
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