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Mapping Skills for Success

In 2021, Employment and Social Development Canada launched the Skills for Success model, replacing the Essential Skills program with a more modern model to better reflect the foundational skills people need to succeed in an evolving labour market. This is an opportunity to better understand what it takes to succeed, to connect training providers with policy makers, and to further align with curriculum design.

The Mapping Skills for Success program’s objective is to help implement this new model. It will also prepare Canadians to succeed in the workforce, help them find jobs, and adapt to changes at work by:

  • Improving available information around Skills for Success;
  • Supporting the creation of policies and or programs designed to meet the learning demands of communities;
  • Making it easier for Canadians looking to gain Skills for Success and change careers to find the information they need; and
  • Demonstrating how Skills for Success can be used by post-secondary institutions and employers to frame curriculum and support innovation.

The Approach

CICan will work with members, career development professionals, and policy makers to:

  • Create a responsive, open access database of Skills for Success for use by researchers, policy makers and educators alike;
  • Provide them with accessible, custom reports pertaining to Skills for Success training across Canada;
  • Develop an accessible tool that will enable various publics to find Skills for Success programming at colleges and institutes and make better informed career decisions;
  • Rally stakeholders to develop novel ideas for implementing Skills for Success in curriculum design; and
  • Enlist students in the development of novel approaches to sharing the model and keeping training information fresh.

Fast Facts

  • CICan members offer more than 10,000 programs across Canada, supporting every sector of the economy and every type of learner
  • The 9 Skills for Success are Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Digital, Problem Solving, Communication, Adaptability, Collaboration, Creativity and Innovation.
  • Skills for Success are for everyone: teachers, learners, employers, workers, governments and communities. Read about them on the Skills for Success website.

Funded By

This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills program

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Goal 4: Quality Education
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