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Beyond Salt

The challenge

In Canada, the average daily sodium intake is estimated at almost twice the amount actually needed. This has a great impact on Canadians’ health as a diet high in sodium is one of the top risk factors for chronic diseases such as stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

To help address this, the food industry – restaurants, processors and manufacturers, can play a big role in reducing sodium levels in the current food supply. However, it needs a labour force equipped with the knowledge and skills to lead the change.

The project

CICan’s Beyond Salt project brings colleges and institutes together to:

  • create and test the teaching material their faculty and students need to meet this challenge;
  • share and showcase promising sodium-reduction measures with partners from the post-secondary, public, private and non-profit sectors.

The results and materials of this two-year pan-Canadian initiative will be available to all Canadian colleges and institutes, for inclusion in courses and programs related to food production and preparation.

The approach

CICan is working with college and institute representatives, Health Canada officials and  stakeholders from the food service sector to:

  • identify postsecondary programs related to food production and preparation;
  • recognize current approaches, innovations and gaps in sodium-reduction teaching and training material;
  • develop, test and validate new content on sodium reduction to be incorporated in courses and programs related to food production and preparation; and,
  • disseminate the new material and promote its use through ongoing partnerships and communities of practice.

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Fast Facts

  • 3 in 5 Canadians consume too much sodium
  • 1 in 2 CICan member institutions offers programs related to food production and preparation
  • +310 programs related to food production and preparation are offered by member colleges and institutes across Canada

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Health Canada

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being
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