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Corporate Alliance Program

Colleges and Institutes Canada’s Corporate Alliance Program provides companies with cost of sale efficiencies and competitive advantages through targeted marketing and sales opportunities with key decision-makers across the college system. Corporate Alliance Partners sell directly to colleges and can offer a range of products and services including, but not limited to: technology, consulting, and infrastructure.

The Corporate Alliance Program offers companies premier mechanisms to assist in achieving business targets through networking, presentation opportunities, and brand promotion. This program offers access to both executive institutional decision-makers and functional decision-makers within the college sector.

Alignment with Colleges and Institutes Canada provides companies with the pre-eminent opportunity to secure and maintain business in the Canadian college and institute sector.

Program Details

The following opportunities to grow market shares are offered to Colleges and Institutes Canada Corporate Alliance Partners:

Facilitation of Introductions to Members

Upon request, Colleges and Institutes Canada’s senior management team will provide an individual consultation and advice to your company regarding the best ways of approaching the Colleges and Institutes Canada membership.

Corporate Partner Briefing

Colleges and Institutes Canada senior staff will brief you on the Association’s activities and how best to leverage your investment in the Corporate Alliance Partner Program.

Colleges and Institutes Canada Events

Your company, as a Colleges and Institutes Canada Corporate Alliance Partner, can promote its products and services directly to key decision-makers at a series of annual events, such as:

  • the Colleges and Institutes Canada Annual Conference;
  • leadership development institutes
  • other events and symposia.

Business Intelligence Surveys

You will be invited to use CICan’s network to conduct brief electronic surveys to inform target audiences about new and existing products or services, and receive feedback from current and/or potential customers.

Perspectives Electronic Newsletter

All Corporate Alliance Partner logos, along with website links, are included in the weekly Perspectives electronic newsletter sent to over 2.500 subscribers.

Colleges and Institutes Canada Website

The logos of all Corporate Alliance Partners appear on the Colleges and Institutes Canada home page (www.collegesinstitutes.ca), and include a link to their corporate sites. Alliance Partners may enhance the effectiveness of this tool by creating a welcome page on their own website that references the Association and their support of the Canadian college sector. Colleges and Institutes Canada is prepared to work with its Corporate Alliance Partners to customize a solution that will help achieve their business goals while maximizing benefits to its members.

To learn more, contact:

Leah Jurkovic
Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
613-746-2222, ext. 3119