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Nathalie Vallée

CEO, Collège Ahuntsic

In 1993, after having worked in the private sector, Nathalie Vallée was drawn to teaching, a noble task for which she has great respect. In the early 2000s, while teaching design, object of her university studies, the Ministry of Education entrusted her with writing the provincial program of Interior Design. In 2006, Collège Ahuntsic gave Ms. Vallée her first opportunity as manager through the position of Assistant (Dean) Director of Studies in charge of technical programs and their departments. In 2010, she became Assistant (Dean) Director of Studies in charge of Programs and Educational Development at the Collège constituant de l’Assomption. Supported by a team of professionals, she oversaw workplans and research activities, and ensured that policies and educational frameworks were respected and that the development cycle of ten study programs was well carried out.

In 2014, she returned to Collège Ahuntsic to take over the responsibilities of (Dean of Studies) Dean of Studies, and in December 2015, the Board of Directors gave her a five-year mandate as General Director . Since then, in addition to managing a college of 7500 students in the regular sector, 2000 in continuing education and more than 950 employees, Ms. Vallée is actively involved in various consultation tables, particularly as Vice-President of the Executive Committee of the Regroupement des collèges du Montréal Metropolitain and Chair of the Orientation Committee of the Campus d’études supérieures techniques de Montréal. She is active in the Fédération des cégeps through her collaboration on several committees, particularly the one tackling the issue of academic success at the college level.