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Share your thoughts: the future of CICan’s Board of Directors

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) is reviewing its governance composition to ensure the board has the optimal skills, competencies and perspectives to govern the association into the future. The board is seeking members’ feedback on the ideal size of the board, recruitment streams for directors, and board leadership positions to inform its decision-making.

As announced to members during the Annual General Meeting (AGM), it’s healthy for organizations to periodically review their governance policies, practices and structures. This periodic review of governance is aligned with the renewal of the organization’s five-year strategic plans.

Currently, the board is composed of a mix of heads of member institutions and individuals from other sectors – 12 Elected Internal Directors (2 from each CICan region*) and 4-6 Elected Public Directors from different sectors and industries.

A skills matrix was developed by the board to identify a variety of perspectives, voices, skills and diversity desired on the board in addition to regional representation. Balancing the skills matrix has proven to be a challenge with the current model that delegates the selection of Elected Internal Directors from members institutions to the individual regions.

The board proposes to change the composition to six (6) (instead of 12) Elected Internal Directors (one from each CICan region) to maintain regional representation with remaining positions to be selected and filled by a mix of heads of member institutions and individuals through an open and transparent recruitment process according to the skills matrix. The number of board directors from member institutions would remain a majority on the board. Following the consultation, the board will present revised CICan’s By-laws to members for approval.

This shift towards a more skills-based board aims to strengthen CICan’s governance by promoting competency-based leadership, while still ensuring that members from across the country have a voice in governing their association.

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Denise Amyot, President and CEO.


To share your thoughts, respond to the very short survey and watch for opportunities to engage on social media. The consultation is open from August 23 to October 31.

Questions assume that a minimum of 6 directors (one per region) will be selected by members in each region. We seek member input to inform decision-making on the changes to the by-laws for the remaining positions.

*CICan’s By-law 3.5 states:3.5 Regional Representation – Class A Members.

a) For the purpose of nominating the Directors, the Class A Members of the Corporation shall be divided into the following six (6) regions:

  1. British Columbia and the Yukon;
  2. Alberta and the Northwest Territories;
  3. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut;
  4. Ontario;
  5. Québec; and
  6. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

b) Class A Member located within the geographic boundaries of a Region shall be registered as a Member of such Region.