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Applied Research Process Workflow

While each college/institute will have its own specific process for managing its applied research activities with industry clients, a number of the components of the process are similar. They are presented in the following workflow table, developed through input from several Canadian colleges and institutes.

Workflow ComponentDocumentation
Outreach to industry Promotional materials
Meeting agendas and minutes
Response to request/intake Industry partner intake form
Project Outline/Request
Preliminary meeting with client Industry partner intake form
Project Outline/Request
Assess project suitability Diagnostic assessment forms
Budget forms and processes
Ref:  Intellectual Property (IP) Policy
Develop collaborative project proposal or outline Collaborative Research and Development Agreement
IP Agreement
Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement
Evaluate project proposal
Decision to proceed
Develop project planProject workplan
Sign project agreements Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement
Collaborative Research and Development Agreement
Intellectual Property Agreement
Contribution Agreement
Material Transfer Agreement
Develop funding proposals as needed/gather resources

  • funding
  • facilities/equipment
  • human resources
  • project management team
Research proposal Ethics review (where needed)
Implement project plan Service or Technical contracts
Internal hiring procedures and forms
Track and monitor project budget and deliverables Budget tracking form
Performance measures report
Project report forms
Minutes of meetings
Report on project as per planProject report forms
Conduct project evaluationFormative and summative evaluations
Write project summary/reportProject evaluation report
Disseminate project findingsDissemination agreement
Identify new opportunities