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April 7, 2021

Overcoming the barriers women face in entering the skilled trades

This op-ed was initially published in the Toronto Star on April 1, 2021.   The pandemic exposed the fact that women hold a disproportionate share of low-paying jobs while carrying the brunt of family responsibilities. One area of policy focus should be providing Canadians, especially women, with opportunities and access to more sustainable, higher-quality jobs. But where will those jobs come from? They are here already. Employment in the skilled trades has fared comparatively well during the pandemic and have rebounded above pre-pandemic levels. Yet all too often we hear that the talent isn’t there to fill the jobs. Research by the Labour... Read more
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September 18, 2015

2015 International Report Card on Public Education: Key Facts on Canadian Achievement and Equity

Abstract The comparative performance of education systems is attracting more attention than ever before. In Canada, questions have been raised about whether we are keeping pace with the world’s leading education systems, and whether our performance has been eroding over time. There are also concerns about whether too many students from less advantaged backgrounds are being left behind. This report reviews the latest international evidence regarding achievement and equity in education. It shows that, in terms of achievement, Canada consistently places among an elite group of high performing countries and economies. Moreover, Canada continues to be a leader in terms... Read more
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