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Student Mobility

Post-secondary students in Canada benefit from having access to a large number of pathways to employment.

Thousands of articulation agreements between colleges, institutes and universities facilitate transferability between post-secondary institutions. This flexibility allows students to choose the pathway most adapted to their needs and interests, as well as the requirements of their future employers.


Across Canada, efforts have increased to improve student mobility within and between post-secondary education systems and to simplify pathways for learners. Colleges and institutes play a key role in this process and have a long history of offering students adapted options in partnership with a variety of stakeholders.

International mobility

Extending this mobility beyond Canada’s borders is becoming increasingly important as the country, and employers, seek to develop a globally connected and competitive workforce. Colleges and institutes have been encouraging student mobility for several years and pursuing international agreements with partners around the world.

CICan has been encouraging these efforts by signing collaboration agreements with key stakeholders in a number of countries. The association also continues to advocate for additional government support for international mobility programs.

Fast Facts

  • Less than 3% of Canadian post-secondary students currently take part in one session or more overseas.
  • Over 280,000 international students held a valid permit to study at a college or institute in Canada in 2018.
  • Demand for study permits to colleges and institutes has grown faster than for all other study levels (319% from 2014 to 2018), representing 44% of demand in 2018, according to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • CICan and Universities Canada have been charged with administering the Outbound Student Mobility Pilot as part of Canada’s International Education Strategy.
  • CICan acts as a facilitator for the China Ministry of Education’s PathPro Project, which encourages exchanges and mobility between Chinese and Canadian institutions.

CICan and Scotiabank

Partners for international recruitment

The Scotiabank GIC program enables international students to meet the requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada study permit application guidelines and provides access to funds to help pay for living expenses while studying in Canada. CICan and Scotiabank aim to create an environment where international students can not only reach their own objectives, but also feel at home in Canada and better contribute to Canada’s growth and development.