CICan Paul and Gerri Charette Bursary Program
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CICan Paul and Gerri Charette Bursary Program Application Form

The CICan Paul and Gerri Charette Bursary Program aims to provide financial support to college and institute students that demonstrate financial need and who often face greater challenges and barriers to participate and complete post-secondary education.

Students attending colleges or institutes in rural, remote, or northern areas will be given preference for the 20 bursaries of up to $5,000 each.

Application Guidelines for Colleges and Institutes

Before starting the application process, please review the guidelines and tips below.


  • Only CICan member institutions may participate.
  • Institutions can only submit one eligible student for consideration. Additional applications will be not be considered.

Eligible Student

  • The student must be enrolled full time in the first year of a multi-year program at a CICan member institution.
  • The student must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, permanent resident, or a protected person.
  • The student must be in financial need. Note: the financial need of the applicant will be determined by the respective college or institute in accordance with provincial and territorial student assistance programs/guidelines.
  • Preference will be given to students attending colleges or institutes in rural, remote, or northern areas.
  • There is no age limit.


Institutions must submit an application on behalf of their student by October 2, 2020.

Application Tips

Endorsement letter: the endorsement letter presents a great opportunity to highlight the student.

Application questions: supply data-driven responses when possible, and always keep the focus on the application to help the reviewer understand the key element(s) being highlighted.

Testimonials: use these three opportunities to provide multiple points of view by requesting a testimonial from both campus and community leaders, and from different levels and/or departments within the campus.

Student essay: please remember to focus on the following:

  • financial need;
  • challenges and barriers to attending a college or institute;
  • community involvement.

This essay holds weight with reviewers so be specific, be clear, and be bold!

The submission must include the following:

  1. An endorsement letter signed by the President or Director General of the institution that should highlight the financial needs of the student.
  2. A short essay (max 10 000 characters) by the student describing the impact that the bursary will have on their ability to attend a college or institute and their involvement in the community.
  3. Two letters of support from people who know the student. This can include a past or current employer, a teacher, a college administrator, a member of a community or campus organization, someone involved in student services or a faculty member.
  4. Contact information for the college or institute in which the student is enrolled.


Each submission will be reviewed by a national committee of regional representatives from CICan member institutions whose positions are directly related to student services: e.g. registrars, academic counsellors, vice-presidents.

Final Results

Colleges and Institutes Canada will inform the President’s Office of the status of the application by the end of October. The first bursary disbursement will be done in November.

Applications are now closed.