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Access the brand-new collection of healthcare education resources.

Access the brand-new collection of healthcare education resources.

July 29, 2022
Educators across Canada can now freely access 137 new virtual simulations designed to give students in nursing, medical laboratory sciences, and paramedicine innovative hands-on learning experiences. Use these simulations to enhance your curriculum!

The virtual simulations are simulated clinical experiences created by Canadian educators and based on defined pedagogical objectives. They showcase a range of medical scenarios from basic protocol to more severe procedures all with particular emphasis on showcasing medical scenarios that include marginalized populations such as LGTBQ2S+ and racialized patients.

The collection is the result of our Virtu-WIL project. Funded by the Government of Canada, the project brings together post-secondary institutions, employers, and suppliers to develop, implement, and distribute virtual simulation opportunities for students in identified sectors.

The collection is now available through Simulation Canada, a key partner on the project.

Access the collection!