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ACCC: Partnering for Future Generations – Case Studies of Aboriginal Programs and Services at Canadian Colleges and Institutes

Ottawa, May 23, 2012 – ACCC released today Partnering for Future Generations, Case Studies of Aboriginal Programs and Services at Canadian Colleges and Institutes. This publication showcases how colleges and institutes are serving Aboriginal Peoples and communities.

Aboriginal peoples rely significantly on Canada’s colleges and institutes to access post-secondary education. Colleges have enormous success in attracting, nurturing, and graduating Aboriginal learners by providing career-oriented post-secondary programs for high school graduates and laddering opportunities for adults through upgrading and essential skills development, as well as career-oriented education programs and transitions to university.

Over the next decade, 400,000 Aboriginal young people will reach working age. Canada must provide them the same prospects for success and prosperity available to any Canadian. A key part of the solution is to improve the educational outcomes of Aboriginal peoples – youth and adults alike.

“A well-prepared cohort of Aboriginal learners will be positioned to capitalize on the skills shortages Canadians employers are already facing, and to contribute to the well-being and economic success of the country,” says James Knight, President and CEO of ACCC.

The case studies show that colleges and institutes are creating partnerships for future generations by reaching out to Aboriginal youth through innovative recruitment activities and by supporting adults’ access to learning and employment opportunities. Based on a commitment to improving outcomes for Aboriginal learners, colleges and institutes operate as institutions of inclusion, and are providing the support services needed for student success. Programs delivered in partnership with Aboriginal institutes ensure the specific needs of employers are met.

We thank Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada for their financial contribution toward the publication of these case studies.

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