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ACCC Releases College-Industry Research Showcase

Ottawa, February 6, 2012 –ACCC today released its 2012 showcase of college applied research and innovation projects carried out primarily in partnership with small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Increasing Productivity Through Incremental Innovation – Colleges, Institutes and Polytechnics: Applied Research for Economic and Social Development outlines 105 projects where business processes, products or services improved as a result of innovations introduced by post-secondary students and faculty, and produced in partnership with local industries.

Canada’s colleges and institutes respond to the industrial and technical drivers of the economy and are natural catalysts for innovation. They help SMEs develop and grow by focusing on improvements to technologies, processes, products and services to enhance productivity. These improvements are often delivered in small steps that, over time, add up to significant changes that improve competitiveness.

“Colleges have a mandate to support local economic development. Applied research partnerships are key to this objective. In 2011, the Government of Canada recognized the importance of college applied research by funding 30 industrial research chairs in colleges,” says James Knight, ACCC President and CEO. “With 1000 campuses across the country, these institutions have a unique reach and capacity to collaborate with local businesses, particularly SMEs, and community organizations.”

The show-case highlights seven specialized areas: environmental science and technology; health, medical and life sciences; information and communications technology; manufacturing; natural resources; renewable energy; social innovation. More than 4400 companies were involved in applied research partnerships with colleges in 2010-11.

Countless private sector partners expressed gratitude.

“I felt like I had won the lottery because of the involvement of people at the community and government levels with whom the College was aligned,” said Jane Dempsey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Covers Inc. “The value of Beyond Covers’ relationship with Durham College is unique. It enables us to combine real-time business practices with leading-edge technology while positively mixing academic curriculum with years of business wisdom. We are receiving state-of-the-art business assistance, information, guidance, engineering and testing for our product lines.”

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