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ACCC Sketches Strategy for Advanced Skills Shortage

Ottawa, September 29, 2011 – In its message to the House of Commons Finance Committee today, ACCC recommends an action plan to help achieve a sustained economic recovery and create quality sustainable jobs. The proposed measures include support for post-secondary education (PSE), applied research partnerships and improved educational outcomes for marginalized populations.

“In order to remain competitive, Canada must invest in post-secondary education and develop an action plan to increase the number of persons with advanced skills,” said James Knight, President and CEO of ACCC. “With a rapidly aging population and new jobs requiring higher skill levels, employers will not be able to find qualified candidates for 1.5 million positions within 10 years unless mitigating measures are implemented soon. These include separating the post-secondary component of the Canada Social Transfer (CST), supporting incremental innovation and productivity improvement through applied research, and reaching out to traditionally marginalized populations including the disabled, poor immigrants, disengaged young men, Aboriginal people and multi-generational welfare dependent families.”

Knight underlined the unique ability of Canadian colleges and institutes to produce the skills required by employers and to provide accessible, cost effective post-secondary education and lifelong learning for people of all ages.

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