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Canada taking the lead globally in advanced skills education

November 15, 2010 — James Knight, President and CEO of ACCC, was elected chair of the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) in Birmingham today.

Knight is in the U.K. attending the 2010 World Congress of the Federation on the theme of driving the global recovery through education.

Delegates from every continent are attending the congress representing colleges and polytechnics from Brazil, China, India, Mexico and Australia as well as the U.K and other EU countries, the USA and Canada.

“WFCP provides a platform to explore how colleges and polytechnics are contributing to the recovery of the global economy.” Knight says. “Colleges are responsive to employers’ needs. Around the world, we provide graduates with the advanced skills needed for the knowledge economy.”

WFCP was established to provide leadership in the delivery of applied education and lifelong learning to benefit society and the global economy. It is a strong and united voice to promote the contributions of colleges to their communities, share best practices and influence the development of policy. Knight will serve as chair for two years. He succeeds Dr. George Boggs, retiring president of the American Association of Community Colleges.

Canada has been a leading member of the federation since its establishment in Quebec City in 1999. Gerald Brown, then President of ACCC, served as the Federation’s first chair. The next World Congress will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2012.

The Association of Canadian Community Colleges represents 150 colleges, institutes, polytechnics, cégeps, university colleges and universities with a college mandate offering programs on 1000 campuses across Canada.


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